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Keith P. Rein Inked MEGA 11: Just Put It In Your Mouth

Price: $10.99
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Keith P. Rein Inked MEGA 11: Just Put It In Your Mouth

Another amazing design by the very talented Ink Correct Artist Keith P Rein. Available exclusively at  

Artist: Keith P Rein
Statement: Keith P Rein is a funny guy. And a sexy guy (maybe). He combines his love of humor, sex, and often geek culture to produce an alluring body of work that will hopefully make you laugh, and might get you turned on. He has been studying art since childhood and received a BFA at the University of Georgia in 2006 with a focus in photography. Since graduating he has been working as a freelance designer and illustrator, both professions he claims are self-taught, stating, he's "never gone to school for either, making the challenges a lot more fun to tackle."

The Bartenders Pro Speed Opener with a Full Color Custom Images on Both Sides! Also know as Poppers, Church Keys, Bar Keys, Blades, Flats or Mambas.  Durable and attractive,these openers are  designed for Professional Bartenders or casual home use. Available in many colors, styles and finishes. All bottle openers are made of solid steel and are water proof, stain resistant and scratch resistant! These are NOT stickers or transfers. Only professional top of the line custom artwork unique to Ink Correct. The finished product has the same look as a great as a custom paint job would look on a custom car or motorcycle. They have an awesome looking durable shine, perfect for use at work or at home.  Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

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Bottle opener color may vary depending on the color you choose (if more than one color is available).


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