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Kill Shot Gun Inked Bottle Opener: Wood

Price: $20.00


Would you like a Name or Custom Line of Text on the Opener? (+ $2.00)
Kill Shot Gun Inked Bottle Opener

The original 9mm Kill Shot Gun Opener has gotten a KICK ASS makeover. You saw it here first (as usual); Ink Correct is proud to offer you the ultimate bad ass bottle opener: the 9mm Kill Shot Gun INKED Bottle Opener.
We have taken the original classic 9mm and welcomed it to the future. The Kill Shot Gun Inked Bottle Opener is made of heavy gauge solid steel and is available in an assortment of Ink Correct original designs. Lots to choose from with many more colors and designs on their way. this is the ultimate Bottle Opener for the Bad Ass Bartender with an Attitude, or the home bar enthusiast.
The Kill Shot Gun Inked Bottle Opener is not just for the professional bartender, it makes a great gift to anyone that loves great art, cool metal designs or just an amazing tool that will definitely get the conversation going.
Please note that unlike all the other Aluminum looking Bottle Openers, our Kill Shot Gun Inked Bottle Opener are made of solid steel and have a nice weight to them, not like the sad light versions that almost look as cool as the Ink Correct Originals and weigh as much as a couple of coins! Our 9mm Inked Openers are both sexy and sturdy!
Another awesome and exclusive tool from Ink Correct, don't be fooled by cheap imitations! Get the real deal only from and remember; like many of our original tools and designs, you saw it here first, from the true masters and innovators (not imitators) of Bottle Openers and Killer Bartender Gear: Ink Correct.

Just like our Bartender's Pro Speed Opener with a Full Color Custom Images on Both Sides which are also known as Poppers, Church Keys, Bar Keys, Blades, Flats or Mambas.  These bar tools are durable and attractive,these openers are  designed for Professional Bartenders or casual home use. Available in many colors, styles and finishes. All bottle openers are made of solid steel and are water proof, stain resistant and scratch resistant! These are NOT stickers or transfers. Only professional top of the line custom artwork unique to Ink Correct. The finished product has the same look as a great as a custom paint job would look on a custom car or motorcycle. They have an awesome looking durable shine, perfect for use at work or at home. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

Add a Name or a Line of Text!
Enter the name or 1 line of text exactly as you would like it to look. You have a max of 15-20 characters for Only an additional $2.00!
Size of name or text will vary depending on the length or number of characters used.
Text location, colors and letter style are fixed. Please look at the images to get an idea of what your text will look like.
Bottle opener color may vary depending on the color you choose (if more than one color is available). 

Contact us today for Fully Custom Jobs! We will blow your mind with our abilities to make your vision a reality: weddings, birthdays, special events, promotions, expos... we are here for you! 

This tool is intended for opening bottles, as a work of art, or a display piece, not as a weapon. Ink Correct will not be held responsible for the use, misuse or abuse of this bottle opener. In other words... Play nice and don't be an A$$HOLE.