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The Ultimate 22 Piece Bartender Bar Kit

Price: $39.99


Add a Water Resistant Bar Tote Bag (regular price $8.99) Add for only (+ $5.99)

The Ultimate 22 Piece Bartender Bar Kit!

This complete bar kit includes 22 of the most used bar tools for the professional bartender or the home bar. All tools are manufactured with the highest standards and are guaranteed to last. Each tool is carefully chosen by the best manufacturer in tool class thus guaranteeing you have the best of the best! 

These are the tools you will need as a pro Bartender with no fillers.

Please note: The Bartender Splash Proof Tote Bag is sold separately yet discounted when purchased with kit!


You will receive all the following awesome tools:

- 28oz Steel Cocktail Shaker Tin with Weighted Bottom.

- 16oz Steel Cocktail Shaker Tin with Weighted Bottom.

- 16oz High Impact Mixing Glass for Bartenders. "The Bartender is Always Right" Print.

- Tall Steel Spiraled Mixing Spoon.

- Serrated Tip High Impact Plastic Muddler.

- Bartender's Knife with a half sharp and half serrated blade with a garnish picking fork. Classy no touch function, keeps fruit and garnish from touching your fingers, great for presentation and hygiene.

- LED Bottle Opener and Key Chain (color may vary). "The Bartender is Always Right" Print

- Bar Pen "The Bartender is Always Right" Printed on it. Color may vary.

-  2 in 1 Super Opener Steel Juice Can Punch with built in Bottle Opener Super Opener.

- 2 in 1 All Steel Professional Double Hinged Wine Key with a Serrated Knife and a built in Bottle Opener.

- 11 Function Stainless Steel Wallet tool with 11 tools built into it (color may vary).

- Steel Pro 4 oz Ice Scoop

- Steel Jigger (measures 1.5 oz and .75oz)

- 6 Professional Steel Tapered Pour Spouts, best in the biz.

- A Six Pack of Pro Spout Covers, completely covering your Spouts!

- Professional 4 Prong Steel Strainer with Removable Coil for easy cleaning.

- Professional Classy Steel Julep Strainer.


A Perfect Combination of the 22 most Essential and Best Built Tools! Guaranteed to satisfy or your money back!