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3 in 1 Strainer Bottle and Can Opener

The 3 in 1 Pro Bartender Bottle Opener:
Get ready for one of the coolest innovations for bartenders to happen in years! 
The Strainer Bottle Opener is a unique steel bottle opener because it serves more than just one purpose. Besides being able to open bottles like no other opener, this Strainer Bottle Opener is also equipped with a convenient can opener. No more hurting your fingers or damaging your nails from opening energy drinks and fruit cans on a busy shift. The can opener will quickly crack open one or several cans fast and with ease! Works on any type of can. Also, the Strainer Bottle Opener comes with a built in cocktail strainer! Besides, they look awesome in our many original designs and new ones to come! Perfect for the professional bartender or the home bar. Super durable steel construction, guaranteed to satisfy. You saw it here FIRST! Patent pending.
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Irish Inked Strainer Bottle Opener: Kiss Me... I'm Irish!
Price: $7.50
Irish Inked Strainer Bottle Opener: Kiss Me... I'm Irish!
Opens Bottles, has a sharp tip to Open Cans and Strains Cocktails Available in many colors!
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DESIGN YOUR OWN CUSTOM BOTTLE OPENER at our sister site Choose from 7 different styles of openers and over 100 cool colors and background designs. Upload your own artwork, images and photos, or you can use any of our 3000+ Art Files and tons of font options! You can customize both sides for the same price and it includes FREE SHIPPING for every order along with a FREE Spinner Ring for all Standard Openers and 3-in-1 Strainer Openers. Check out some samples below and/or click on the banner to see more samples and start designing your own personal custom opener!! They also make great gifts! Hook up your bartenders!
My Custom Opener