May 22, 2019

Anakella Group, LLC owns and operates Ink Correct offers bartender bottle openers and other bar gear, as well as other products and design services.

These terms will apply to any orders placed with Ink Correct and its affiliates. We encourage you to please read these terms prior to placing your order. By submitting an order to Ink Correct, you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions as set forth below. This agreement is in lieu of a written consent, and is binding by both Ink Correct and the customer or their representatives.

Terms and Conditions

General Information

Ink Correct specializes in The Inked Bottle Opener and other bartender gear, as well as an assortment of other custom goodies. We strive to deliver the highest quality as well as exceptional service at the lowest prices in the market.

Product Prices

We make our best efforts to keep our websites pricing current, but from time to time, market conditions may change the cost of a product. We reserve the right to change prices on our shop at any time. If a price is not correct on an item that you ordered, we will contact you at once with the current price or help you choose a different item.

Product Quality

Our Bartender Inked Speed Beer Bottle Openers print full-color designs on both sides of the bar key. Great for the professional bartender or home bar fans. Perfect for casual home use as well as a great tool for promotional and branding uses.

Made of stainless steel, our bartender bottle openers are not stickers or transfers, but rather professional, top of the line, custom print work. As a result, they are both durable and attractive.

The end result looks and feels like a brand new, custom paint job on a new car or a bike, thus giving it a durable and beautiful looking gloss!

In addition to being resistant to stains, and most importantly, scratches, our bartender bottle openers are also water proof and dishwasher safe, which comes in handy after a long and messy night shift! Perfect gift for your bar staff!

Don’t be shy! Get yours today!

Also known as Beer Poppers, Church Keys, Bar Keys, Bar Blades, Flat Openers, Flats and Mambas.

We print our Inked Bottle Openers right here in the U.S.A.

Items with chips, cracks, major misshaping or major ink or imprint issues are rejected and reprinted during our inspection process. Please contact us if you think you have received a flawed item that is beyond reasonable expectations. We hold in our quality standards and we will credit you for the price of that glass at our discretion or replace the damaged item. We may ask for photos of the damaged items or mistake before issuing a credit.

The design, color, and customization on our bartender bottle openers do not need to be the same on all units for bulk discounts to apply. They do however have to be of the same “shape” style.

While you might not see the discounted rates in this page, the right price will be applied to your cart during check out.

Have fun finding your favorite bar blade! Don’t forget your bartender friends and co-workers! These make a super fun gift!

Add Name or Line of Text to Your Inked Bottle Openers

Add a name or line of text on your opener for only $2.

Text location, color, and font style are fixed. If you would like to use a different font for this design, please contact us for a custom order.

The size of your name or line of text will depend on the words’ length and number of characters used.

Custom Orders

• Orders that need additional customizing to the design are considered as custom orders. As a result, they might cost a little more. (Other than adding a name or line of text, and small additions or modifications as well.)

Please Contact us for Custom Orders!

• You can choose to have another text or artwork instead. We will work with you to make the perfect opener!

• You can also send us your own artwork and we will print it for you! The options are endless!

Color Matching

We represent our colors as accurately as possible. However, differences in monitor contrasts, browser displays and other technology factors often produces a slightly different color to the finished product than what you may see on the screen.

In addition, minor changes in atmosphere, ink and other material changes and forces outside of our production controls may lead to changes to tint, opacity, shade or hue. Therefore, there’s a chance that a blue imprint may come out slightly more navy or slightly more aqua, a red imprint may come out slightly more magenta or slightly pinker, etc. Please understand that we cannot refund or replace for these minor changes in color.

Color Variations

All computer monitors vary in color. We print on carefully calibrated equipment and cannot be responsible if the product does not match your monitor’s colors. If you have exact CMYK, RGB, or Hex codes, please contact us to make sure your order prints the color you require.

For large orders of 200 units or more, small color variations can and will occur throughout a single order.

Handling Recommendations

Although all our products are dishwasher resistant, all steel, plastic, as well as some glass products should only be hand washed. It is not recommended to wash these products in a dishwasher as this will promote fading and gradual loss of the imprint.

Payment Agreement

Payment is due in full prior to production. Credit card authorization and address verification must be received prior to processing the order form and your order will not go to production until it’s processed.

Proof Reading and Double Checking Your Design

Minor adjustments may be made automatically by our artists for optimum printing, but it is not our responsibility to identify all user mistakes.

Please make sure to check your spelling and grammar when sending us your instructions. We are not responsible for mistakes on your part. Your bar tools will be printed with this information as it’s sent to us. Therefore, please proof your order before checking out.

Computer monitors are much lower in resolution than printed products. If you must zoom in your custom uploaded work in the designer, it will probably be low quality in print!

Offline Ordering

We prefer orders be placed online. However, if you are having issues placing your orders on our website or you need a custom order, we will be happy to assist you.

Order Confirmation

You will receive an order confirmation/receipt via e-mail shortly after an order is placed. Please go over the e-mail very carefully to ensure that all the information is correct. For any corrections or concerns, simply reply back to that email, so that we may quickly correct any information before processing the order.

Cancellations or Changing Your Order

Products that were bought with a credit card are subject to a 15% charge to cover credit card fees.
Orders cancelled after processing, but before it ships are subject to a 10% charge to cover credit card fees.

Any order canceled after the items have been pulled will be charged a 15% restocking fee. Also, if the screen has already been created for your order, you will incur an additional 15% fee regardless of cancellation. If artwork has been created for your order, you will be responsible for a $5 artwork fee regardless of cancellation.

Once production has begun on your order, we will be unable to change or cancel the order free of charge.

Changes and Corrections

For any corrections or changes that may be necessary on your order, please reply to the sales confirmation email. Changes must be made in writing within 24 hours upon receipt of the emailed confirmation.

Once you place an order, any further edits will restart the production process. Thereby resetting your order’s lead time. After the initial 24 hours’ period, we will not be held responsible for any changes requested. If production has not yet begun, we can make changes outside of the 24-hour window. However, you might be charged an additional production fee.

All cancellations must be confirmed in writing. If a cancellation is not confirmed in writing and production has begun, you will be responsible for the entire cost of your order (minus shipping) and any additional applicable fees as outlined above.

Sales Tax

We are required to collect applicable sales tax for all Florida customers. If your company or organization is a nonprofit, we need a copy of your tax-exempt certificate. If you use promotional products for resale, we need a copy of your resale certificate.

In Case We Need to Contact You

If there is a problem with your order, whether it be a shipping, payment, or artwork concern, we may have to contact you before your order goes into production. Please be sure that your contact information is correct and that you can receive emails from the domains If there is a problem with your order and we cannot get a hold of you, there is nothing we can do. Likewise, if you believe you should have already received your order, please contact us immediately. Please check your junk email folder and phone messages, as we may have been trying to get a hold of you first!

If We Cannot Reach You, We May Have to Cancel Your Order.

If there is an issue with your order and we cannot reach you, you orders may be cancelled after two months. You may be automatically refunded. Fees may apply if this is a cost to our company. We may attempt to reach you, but it is your responsibility to make sure your contact information is correct.

Customer Verbal Abuse Policy

This policy ensures the safety and welfare of our staff here at Ink Correct. We deal with all customers fairly and impartially, providing a high standard of customer service. We do not normally limit the contact customers have with us. However, we do not expect our staff to tolerate behavior by customers which is clearly unacceptable, such as verbal abuse, offensive, cursing or threatening language. We may act to protect our staff from that behavior if needed.

When we think that a customer’s behavior is unacceptable, we will tell them why and will ask them to change it. If the behavior continues, we will restrict the customer’s contact with our staff. If we are communicating via phone while this behavior is happening, we will terminate the conversation. We may also request the customer to communicate via email only. In this case, we will email the customer letting them know why we believe their behavior is unacceptable, what action we are taking, and the duration of that action. If a customer continues to behave in the same way, we may decide to terminate contact with that customer permanently.

If the behavior is so extreme that it threatens the safety and welfare of the company’s staff, we will then consider other options. Reporting the matter to the police or taking legal action, for example. In such cases, we may not give the customer warning of that action.

Copyright and Patent Information

Our pre-made designs are original artwork made exclusively for Ink Correct. Ink Correct’s Original Artwork may not be used for commercial purposes. Please contact us if you would like to become a reseller.

We will not restrict your use of protected material when submitting your own artwork for print. Anything you put on a design that may inflict on a copyright or trademark is between you and the copyright holder. Neither Ink Correct and its affiliates nor Anakella Group, LLC are responsible for trademark and copyright violations by the customer. We are simply a medium for producing intellectual property, not the holders thereof or the endorsers thereof. The onus is yours to seek and obtain permission to use any materials.

By using our services, you recognize that the responsibility is yours to secure the rights to artwork you use. Whether supplied via your own resources or the Online Designer Lab.

While you own the rights to your design, we might use your design as part of our promotions or marketing in the future. If you do not want your design to be used, feel free to contact us and let us know.

Liability Limitations

In all circumstances, Ink Correct’s maximum liability is limited to the purchase price of the products sold. Ink Correct will not, under any circumstance, be held liable for any claim or action that exceeds this liability limit. Ink Correct will not be liable for any third party claims for damages against the customer, nor for malfunction of product, cause of delays, interruption of service, or loss of business.

Due to fluctuating manufacturer costs, prices may change without notice.

Ink Correct may offer special pricing or free shipping from time to time. However these discounts will not be honored on orders that have already been placed. No exceptions made!